Friday, February 13, 2015

The End of New Year’s Resolutions

I am done with making New Year’s Resolutions.  Forever.  There has never been a year where I have actually stuck to my resolutions, so I no longer see a point in declaring something as a resolution for the year only to abandon it a few months later.  I also think there is no reason why January 1st should be such a significant date for making changes in your life…as if you can’t make changes at any other time?  Sure, it is a new year, but other than that, the date is completely arbitrary and has no magical power to help you succeed in accomplishing your goals.  Now that we are solidly into February, I imagine a good percentage of people who started the year off with the best of intentions have now completely given up on their resolutions.  So, I have goals.  I will continue to have those goals throughout the year, and probably even into 2016.  That’s right….the SAME goals in 2016!  Shocking, right?  Want to hear my goals? 

Get healthy – physically and financially. 

Seriously.  My only 2 goals. 

But the thing is, I think about these goals every single day.  I have started running again, because nothing like 5+ feet of snow in Boston to inspire running outside.  Just kidding, I run on treadmill and stare out at the massive snow banks.

But the point is, I am running, and it makes me feel good.  I used to really dread running, but now it is my time away from work emails or housecleaning.  I watch my videos on Netflix and just zone out.  Who knew that Friends marathons were also great marathon training material.  Just kidding again, obviously I have NO intention of running a marathon, but maybe 5Ks are in my future.  The next phase of this is to add in weight lifting and yoga – which I miss horribly!  I have yoga dreams where I can do amazing things that I have never been able to do in real life.  Today Groupon has a Core Power Yoga option, so I am excited – I love their studios!  I think for the first time in a very long time, I am approaching this with a different attitude.  Instead of focusing on how much weight I need to lose, I am focusing on feeling better, getting stronger, and doing activities I enjoy.

I have also started cooking again, and making better food choices.  I am all about soups and salads and fresh fruit – things my body is craving.  Seriously, I feel like I want salad for every meal.  There is a diner near my new office and when the guys order these greasy burgers, my stomach turns and all I want is this awesome salad with goat cheese and walnuts.  One of my employees brought my a box of cupcakes last week and I gave them all away!!!!!!  This would shock you if you knew me in real life, because I always talk about cupcakes and when I used to work across the street from a cupcake shop it was torture.  But last week I just could not bring myself to even have a bite of the cupcakes.  And I wasn’t thinking “hey, those have a lot of calories”…I just simply did not want them!

The get healthy plan extends into money as well – I still have massive student loan debt and a bit of credit card debt.  I really want to buy a place soon (which is crazy to even think about in Boston because it is so expensive), but even though I could probably afford the mortgage, I don’t want to take on additional debt until I unload what I already have.  Plus that whole “down payment” part is a biggie.  I am lucky that my new job came with a big pay increase, but I am pretending it doesn’t exist, and rather than going on the spending spree I would really enjoy, I am steadily paying down my debt.  I am now making credit card payments twice a month.  In fact, I get really excited to get paid so I can make those payments, and track my declining debt on a spreadsheet.  I know, I am such a nerd.  But thinking about my financial goals everyday has helped reduce the impulse shopping I am famous for and cut back on the eating out, which was one of the areas I used to bleed money.  Every time I make a big payment on a credit card, I feel a bit lighter.  You know how some women have baby fever?  I have house fever, so knowing that I am actively working towards that goal almost makes me giddy.  Again, giant nerd, I know.

So, the point of all this rambling?  It is great to have New Year’s Resolutions, but unless they become goals for the entire year or more, it is tough to see them through.  So rather than call them New Year’s Resolutions that can only be initiated on January 1st, why not be more realistic and just say, “hey, I am setting some goals for what I want to achieve”? 

Also, random shout out to Kassandra from the Lone Runner, who helped fit me for running shoes, didn’t laugh once when I ran on the treadmill in jeans, talked to me about the science of running shoes, and is just a general bad-ass runner (she runs outside in the worst winter in Boston) who inspires me to run more!

Like my new shoes?

Sorry for writing so much, but happy Friday! 


Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Things I Covet–New Year’s Eve Edition 2 (12/31/14)

Last year on New Year’s Eve I did a post about all the glamorous clothes I would wear out for a night on the town (which is of course unrealistic seeing as I live in a very cold climate AND rarely make it to midnight).  This year I have zero interest in going out for NYE, and would love nothing more than to watch some movies, and get a good night’s sleep in my new bed!

So here are the “Things I Covet” 2014 NYE edition":

Bamboo Chic Drape Cardigan from Nordstom

'Bamboo Chic' Drape Front Cardigan (Nordstrom Exclusive)

Drapey Tee from Old Navy

Cozy Flannel Pants from Garnet Hill

Sueded Sherpa Moccasins from Old Navy

Coziest Fleece Tunic from Gap


Fair Isle Sweater Leggings from Gap (I just bought these!)

Dearfoam Slippers from Target

Women's dluxe by dearfoams®  Carol Slide Slippers

Dreamy Pajama Set from J. Crew

Cable Knit Throw from Land’s End

Long Sleeve Flannel Nightshirt from Land’s End

UGG Slippers from Zappos

Happy New Year’s!  Stay safe and warm!


Monday, December 29, 2014

Joy to the…


The last few weeks have just been awesome for me.  Awesome!  Right before Christmas I started a new job, and it is pretty much the exact job I was looking for.  It is a level up from my last job (I am now a Director instead of a Manager and the head of a department!) and I get to work with some great people.  On top of that, I got to spend a week with my parents, brother and his girlfriend, grandma, aunt, and uncle in San Diego celebrating a combined Thanksgiving and Christmas.  It was the first time my whole family got to spend a holiday together in more than 5 years!  And the best part?  My dad treated us to a trip to Disneyland!  Even with the EXTREME crowding, Disneyland is pretty amazing at Christmas time!

So why the quote above?  I have been thinking a lot about creating your own happiness, finding happiness in the small daily things, and how easy it is to allow the trivial things to bring you down.  I am really bad at looking at the Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, and blogs of my friends, and comparing their lives with my own.  This is such a bad idea because social media is not an accurate portrayal of someone’s life - people can pick and choose what information to share and are likely to only show the information that makes them and their lives look the best.  So what you end up comparing yourself with is essentially a fake life.  For me, that is hardest to remember around the holidays when everyone is posting pictures of their perfectly decorated houses, homemade cookies, and adorable kids wearing matching holiday pajamas.  What people don’t post pictures of are their credit card debt to buy the presents and decorations, the  messy kitchens during the baking sessions, and the tantrums the kids threw after posing for the photos. 

My goal for the new year (I am no longer saying resolution) is to focus on how happy I am with my own life, and be grateful for what I have, which is a lot!  I spent the actual Christmas holiday sitting on my couch drinking coffee and thinking about how pretty my apartment is when it is clean and decorated for the holidays, how much I love my view looking out over the Boston harbor and the city, how adorably sweet Lola can be when I am home from work and she can curl up on the couch with me, and how lucky I am to start the new year in a job I am so excited for. 

And then some friends and I played Cards Against Humanity on the 25th and pretty much undid all the good vibes I sent out into the universe.  But that’s another story.

The moral of this story is to find happiness in whatever you have in your life instead of comparing it with someone else.  Because there will always be someone who has something you want, but you will always have something that someone else wants!

Happy holidays!