Sunday, July 20, 2014

Things I Covet–Maxi Dresses (7/20/14)

Next weekend I am off to the Cape for a girl’s weekend. So far our big plans include beach time, some day drinking (the classy kind, of course), and wandering around either Provincetown or Nantucket (depending on how insane the ferry is).  While this weekend we had unusually cool weather with a sprinkling of rain, there is always the potential for hot and humid weather next weekend.  When it is hot and sticky outside, all I want is a nice cool maxi dress.  So, here are my picks for this summer:

Sea Island Tunic Dress from Lilly Pulitzer $278


Wallpaper Floral Maxi from LOFT $98


Gathered Knit Maxi Dress from J. Crew $118


Estrella Maxi Dress from Anthropologie $168


Laila Maxi Dress by Tinley Road $89

Havana Tie Neck Maxi Dress by Flying Tomato $95

I would like some credit here for resisting the temptation to go with nautical stripes, because that was too obvious of a choice for the Cape.  There are a LOT of striped maxi dresses out there!

Happy shopping!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Time for some R and R

I realize I haven't written a post since May. I have been drowning in work at my day job, spent weeks looking at apartments in the Boston area (my lease was ending at the end of June), packed up my apartment, found a place, moved the majority of my stuff into storage because I can't move into my new place until mid-August, moved into the spare room in my friend's house, bought a new car, and then left for vacation. Crazy does not even begin to describe it! But now I am enjoying the last bit of vacation time with my family in my hometown, and realizing just how perfect and needed this vacation was!

I have spent the last week just enjoying my family, eating, visiting the local breweries, sitting outside in the sun, catching up with my high school friends, reading, and trying standup paddle boarding for the first time. I cannot imagine a more perfect vacation, unless of course it was longer!

I was also able to meet with a high school friend who is a graphic designer here in Bend, and is going to do some graphic design work for Chick 9 Clothing. I am so excited for the new designs!

I am headed home tomorrow (NOOOO! Don't make me leave!) and will continue the vacation vibe a bit with a Red Sox game with the girls, some kayaking near the South Shore, some dog park swimming time for Lola, and some road tripping in the new car. 

I hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th and is enjoying the summer so far!  Look for more info about the new designs soon!


Monday, May 26, 2014


I will be the first to admit, I am super uncool, and never up to date on the latest in clothes, trends, or the latest music.  When my cousin was in high school a few years ago, she was absolutely horrified at my taste in music…I rarely listen to the radio and tend to stick to classics like the Beatles, so forgive me for blogging about something that I am sure has been trendy for months, but have you seen the music video for Pharrell William’s “Happy”? 


I am now absolutely obsessed with this song, because, well, it makes me happy.  One my friends and I were talking about this the other day – about taking time to recognize what makes you happy and about enjoying moments of happiness instead of always wishing for something better.  I am sure I have written about this before, but I haven’t always felt happy with how things were going in my life, especially a few years ago.  I used to complain ALL the time, to anyone who would listen (or, not listen if they were a captive audience) about how unhappy I was with the way things were going in my life, and I knew how miserable I was to be around, and I know I would never want to hang out with someone that complained that much, but I felt powerless to stop. 

I knew that I needed to take action to change things, but I felt so overwhelmed with all the parts of my life that weren’t going well (where I lived, my job, my relationships, how I felt about my body, finances, etc) that I didn’t know where to start with the changes.  When you are so unhappy with your life, taking that first step towards change can feel impossibly difficult.  I was lucky because not only did I have supportive parents, but I also had a great mentor at work who recognized that I could really shine if I just had the right opportunity.  When a job opened up in his department, he told me that if he hired me I could stay in Arizona, or I could work from the Denver or Boston offices.  Although I love Colorado, and probably could have found happiness there as well, I am so grateful I chose Boston!

This probably sounds cheesy, but I feel like a new person since I left Arizona.  When I packed up and moved half way across the country, to a big city where I knew exactly 1 person, it was like being at the top of a rollercoaster just before the drop – you are terrified and exhilarated all at once.  Well, unless you hate rollercoasters, in which case, that is a bad example!  I love my new life in Boston!  It isn’t sunshine and roses everyday (especially in a city famous for brutal winters!), and my job can be incredibly stressful and demanding, but I finally feel happy again. 

I believe that happiness is a choice you have to keep making over and over, not something that is handed to you or easily achieved.  Everyday I choose to be happy over both the big and little moments, like taking the time to sit on a park bench with Lola and watch the sailboats.  Everyday I remember that I control how I feel, and I am happier because of the changes I made in my life.  For so long I felt like I was so passive, and I was letting life happen to me, and waiting for someone to come along and save me from my unhappiness, when all along, I was the one in control. 

Why am I writing about this?  Not to say “nah nah I am happier than you” but because this is what I wish someone had told me a few years ago when I was at my lowest.  A gentle reminder of “if you aren’t happy with your life, find a way to fix it.”  And as a thank you, to my friends and family who toughed it out with me, even when I am sure it would have been more pleasant to be at the dentist getting a root canal.  So, thank you!  I am happy to say, I am doing pretty dang well these days!