Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Things I Covet–New Year’s Eve Edition 2 (12/31/14)

Last year on New Year’s Eve I did a post about all the glamorous clothes I would wear out for a night on the town (which is of course unrealistic seeing as I live in a very cold climate AND rarely make it to midnight).  This year I have zero interest in going out for NYE, and would love nothing more than to watch some movies, and get a good night’s sleep in my new bed!

So here are the “Things I Covet” 2014 NYE edition":

Bamboo Chic Drape Cardigan from Nordstom

'Bamboo Chic' Drape Front Cardigan (Nordstrom Exclusive)

Drapey Tee from Old Navy

Cozy Flannel Pants from Garnet Hill

Sueded Sherpa Moccasins from Old Navy

Coziest Fleece Tunic from Gap


Fair Isle Sweater Leggings from Gap (I just bought these!)

Dearfoam Slippers from Target

Women's dluxe by dearfoams®  Carol Slide Slippers

Dreamy Pajama Set from J. Crew

Cable Knit Throw from Land’s End

Long Sleeve Flannel Nightshirt from Land’s End

UGG Slippers from Zappos

Happy New Year’s!  Stay safe and warm!


Monday, December 29, 2014

Joy to the…


The last few weeks have just been awesome for me.  Awesome!  Right before Christmas I started a new job, and it is pretty much the exact job I was looking for.  It is a level up from my last job (I am now a Director instead of a Manager and the head of a department!) and I get to work with some great people.  On top of that, I got to spend a week with my parents, brother and his girlfriend, grandma, aunt, and uncle in San Diego celebrating a combined Thanksgiving and Christmas.  It was the first time my whole family got to spend a holiday together in more than 5 years!  And the best part?  My dad treated us to a trip to Disneyland!  Even with the EXTREME crowding, Disneyland is pretty amazing at Christmas time!

So why the quote above?  I have been thinking a lot about creating your own happiness, finding happiness in the small daily things, and how easy it is to allow the trivial things to bring you down.  I am really bad at looking at the Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, and blogs of my friends, and comparing their lives with my own.  This is such a bad idea because social media is not an accurate portrayal of someone’s life - people can pick and choose what information to share and are likely to only show the information that makes them and their lives look the best.  So what you end up comparing yourself with is essentially a fake life.  For me, that is hardest to remember around the holidays when everyone is posting pictures of their perfectly decorated houses, homemade cookies, and adorable kids wearing matching holiday pajamas.  What people don’t post pictures of are their credit card debt to buy the presents and decorations, the  messy kitchens during the baking sessions, and the tantrums the kids threw after posing for the photos. 

My goal for the new year (I am no longer saying resolution) is to focus on how happy I am with my own life, and be grateful for what I have, which is a lot!  I spent the actual Christmas holiday sitting on my couch drinking coffee and thinking about how pretty my apartment is when it is clean and decorated for the holidays, how much I love my view looking out over the Boston harbor and the city, how adorably sweet Lola can be when I am home from work and she can curl up on the couch with me, and how lucky I am to start the new year in a job I am so excited for. 

And then some friends and I played Cards Against Humanity on the 25th and pretty much undid all the good vibes I sent out into the universe.  But that’s another story.

The moral of this story is to find happiness in whatever you have in your life instead of comparing it with someone else.  Because there will always be someone who has something you want, but you will always have something that someone else wants!

Happy holidays!


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Etsy Treasury–Holiday Sweet Tooth

Instead of cleaning the house in preparation for Thanksgiving, I decided to create an Etsy treasury of lovely things I would like to buy or give as gifts!  Can you tell I love chocolate?  Click on the picture to check out the treasury, and buy these goodies from some awesome Etsy shops!


I am now on pre-Thanksgiving vacation, so let the holiday season begin!